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Meet The Not So Excellent Wife

Practical skills for modern-day marriage

"Typical counseling and therapy doesn't even come close to how wonderful this experience was. Prior to coaching, I was in a very dark place. The only thing on my mind was to leave my husband. . ..Sheila helped me look past my current state and believe that God can make things right in my marriage. I've been provided the tools to change my approach, which changes the reaction of not only my husband but also my children and their outlook. Plain and simple, my family was saved by marriage coaching." ~Jackie S.


Learn 6 skills to do Marriage God's Way!

  • Replace relationship-killing mindsets with relationship-building ones
  • Translate timeless truth into practical skills that work in modern-day marriage
  • Communicate respect without feeling like a doormat

Why coaching?

As your coach, I’ll listen and ask tough questions to help you move closer to your goals for your marriage.

I'll help you get unstuck by helping you gain new perspective and being a good listener who's direct, honest and compassionate.

I’ll challenge you to see your marriage differently and make tough changes.




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"I've learned so much throughout this six weeks and my marriage has truly improved. . . my husband has gone from being a not-so-attentive partner to a man who has spiked more interest in me and initiates intimacy more often as well. He smiles at me more and the flirting is back to how it was 8 years ago when we first married. How refreshing!!! The techniques she shares based off her own experiences, but also God's word are very encouraging and helpful."~Emilie

"One of the biggest challenges we have had in our marriage is communication. This course has given me amazing tools that have opened up the line of communication greatly. We are so much more open and transparent with each other." ~Samantha M.

Session Includes:

  • 6 Live Confidential Group Coaching Sessions
  • Weekly assignments to apply the lesson
  • A safe forum for discussion and help
  • Access to private Facebook group

Coaching is NOT for you if:

You are in a relationship with someone with a gambling, drug or alcohol addition. The Addiction Hotline number is 888-633-3239.

You are in an physically abusive relationship. We recommend you seek help immediately. The National Domestic Violence Hotline number is 800-799-7233.

Your Instructor

Sheila Qualls
Sheila Qualls

Also known as The Not So Excellent Wife, Sheila Qualls understands how tiring a tough marriage can be.

She believes you can be happy. She uses her marriage as a classroom to help women apply biblical principles in a modern world without feeling like a doormat while growing closer to God and your husband.

She went from the brink of divorce to being married to a man who loves and adores her. (Yes, she's still married to the same guy!) She learned to translate timeless truths into practical skills.

She's helped women just like you get the marriage they want.

After 33 years of marriage, she’s a blogger, speaker and coach whose passion is to equip women to fix their relationships and become happy wives.

She and her husband Kendall live in Minnesota. They have five children and a Black Lab named Largo.


Frequently Asked Questions

When does the session start and finish?
Each session is six weeks of live group coaching. Start dates will vary. Class size is limited to 6 students. Check enrollment page for start dates.
How long do I have access to the sessions?
This program consists of six live group coaching sessions. Because of the confidential nature of coaching, the sessions are not recorded. Make-up sessions are offered for a small fee.
What if I am unhappy with group coaching?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are not happy with your purchase, contact us before the course begins for a full refund. If you withdraw before the second class period, you will receive an 75% refund. After the second week, no refunds will be issued. You will receive a credit to use towards any remaining sessions.
Who should NOT participate in group coaching?
Coaching is not for you if 1) you are in a relationship with someone with a gambling, drug or alcohol addition. The Addiction Hotline number is 888-633-3239 2) you are in a physically abusive relationship. We recommend seeking help immediately. The National Domestic Violence Hotline number is 800-799-7233.
How many women are in a group?
Because of the interactive nature of coaching, class size is limited to 6 participants..
Can my husband participate in the sessions, too?
The coaching sessions are limited to women only.
May I participate in the session if I'm not married?
Absolutely! The coaching sessions are open to anyone who wants to learn skills to strengthen or improve a relationship.
Will I benefit from the coaching if I have a great marriage?
Coaching can radically change a good marriage to an even better marriage.
What if I want individual help after the class?
Sheila offers private sessions and subscription group sessions and for those who want additional coaching. Contact Sheila at https://www.thenotsoexcellentwife.com/coaching/ or email [email protected] to inquire about a Discovery Call.

This course is closed for enrollment.